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Branded Gifts

With partners around the globe, we can help you source for branded products at competitive prices, like this (insert product here)! We also strive to ensure the safest and faster delivery to you or your customers at your convenience.

Mini Tools

We offer premium gift ideas that are convenient, functional and long lasting to make sure your customers continue using them for years to come - such as this mini screw driver!

Product & Gift Set

Make buying better for your customers by matching your product packaging with a complementary gift! After all, who doesn't love gift sets?

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Print & Packaging

Creative product packaging can help you stand out in an ocean of competitors. Be it premium gifts or your corporate products, we can work with you in creating impressive and functional packaging.

Funtionality & Convenience

The key to producing great premium gifts is to provide your customers with items that make their lives better, such as this personal humidifier that is connected via USB. We'll work with you to create gifts that are relevant to your brand.

Innovative Product Design

Create premium gifts that resemble your products, like this sticky-note dispenser! Better yet, get in touch and we'll work with you to create even more innovative gifts that'll wow your audiences.

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Logistic-friendly packaging
Compact t-shirt packaging
Packaging and perception
Product showcase
Wooden packaging
Customised packaging
Bento box
Shoe box gift set.
Ready-to-go packaging
Pyramid wrap
2-way shoe box
Functional shoe box


Here are some tips on what to consider when planning your product packaging.

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