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Product design is more important than ever because people and companies are demanding greater product variety and are switching more quickly to products with state-of-the-art technology. The impacts of greater product variety and shorter product life cycles have a big effect on the number of new products and derivative products that need to be designed.


Which is why we depend on external designers, the support of manufacturing partners and other institutes to bring great designs and concepts to life in this fast paced environment.

Design Studio

We understand that there is a big demand for personalization and customization. Using our extensive network of manufacturers, we offer you the possibility to customize existing products by color, material and/or functionality.


We are even capable of designing and creating completely new products, based on the needs and demands of your customers. Contact us to discuss your customization opportunities or special project possibilities!


Go the extra mile for your customers and set yourself apart from everyone else with a truly unique gift set combination chosen by you! Choose your favourite items and package them together to create the perfect gift set.


Gift Sets

Every promotional item or corporate gift that we make carries a story. Don't let your next gift be just another gift, enhance it further with an interesting back story of how the product came to be. Relate that story back to your brand and make that gift an experience. 



Don't just put your logo on another promotional item. Your brand and every brand out there deserves creativity and innovation from all angles when it comes to branded merchandise. Whether it is office essentials or even more elaborate promotional campaigns, create products that capture your brand and connect with your audience.

We will set out to learn and understand your company and brand from every espect. From there we will create a custom strategy that will tie in with your objectives. We will help you cover the who's, what's and why's.

And it doesn't matter if it is going to be a one-off product or a long term campaign, our expertise are in creating experiences that resonates with your audience through brand merchandising.

Product Storytelling
Brand Merchandising
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